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Welcome to the GUI-Based On-line Application Service for correction of spelling in the Name, Father's Name, Change of Address and Change of Study Centre. We intend to further provide facilities for Inter Region Transfer of Students' record, Change of Programme, change of Elective or Course and change of Medium. This service enables RCs and other stakeholders to have access to their database for corrections and immediate update of Records on STUDENT ZONE.

The service can be accessed only after proper authentication by RCs or other stakeholders. In addition, it has self explanatory options to to generate of various reports, statistics and printing of generated reports. A lot more is in pipeline.

Before first time using the services, you are advised to change the password and the log-in by inputting user name and password for proper authentication and start access the services

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For any technical related problem email us at murli@ignou.ac.in ajayrawat@ignou.ac.in registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in